How To Use An Electric Smoker

We all know that as far as electric smokers are concerned, you can be able to knock them with much ease and convenience factors. Smoke house cooks the food at lower temperatures for longer duration and this process of cooking with electric smokers would prevent the meat from getting spoiled. Another advantage of cooking with an electric smoker would make it possible for you to smoke the foods without spending lots of time on monitoring the smoker. Here are the guidelines for how to use an electric smoker with much ease which will allow you to make the best use of your electric smoker.

Get to Know about your Electric Smoker

Before getting started, it is always important to know about your electric smoker. For this, you have the option of logging onto where you can view the different products that are currently available along with their descriptions. There, you can be able to know whether your electric smoker falls into the best electric smokers that are available in the current market and also you can read the genuine customer reviews which are written by the customers who had already used the product. You can also see the ratings that are achieved by the particular product which will help you to get the better understanding about the product.

Getting Started with an Electric Smoker

You should remember that it is always better to read the manufacturer’s instructions provided with your electric smoker to get a better idea about the smoker. It is to be noted that there are several types of electric smokers available today and each one of them has different operating directions. When you are about to use your electric smoker, you must require to understand how the specific electric smoker model functions.

Seasoning and Curing of Your Electric Smoker

You should know what is curing or seasoning of an electric smoker as the first step. This is the process for removing any odor, dust or solvent while making your smoker ready to cook food. For this, you must follow the directions of manufacturer. Any new electric smoker would need to go through seasoning or curing before the user puts the food into it. More usually, this process would require coating of the cooking racks and the inner surfaces of your electric smoker with the cooking oil. Then, it would require turning on your electric smoker and allowing it to run for couple of hours. This would burn all the solvents and dust along with the other unwanted residues from the electric smoker. Then, you must turn off your electric smoker and open its hood for cooling.

Meat Preparation

Before putting your meat into the electric smoker, you must season the meat according to your preferences. You can do it by adding dry rubs such as sugar or salt and herbs or you can soak in an acidic marinade. Then, let your meat to sit in the seasonings all over the night in order to absorb the added flavors.

Purchasing Wood Chips

In order to achieve the smoky flavor, you must purchase wood chips which are to be added to your electric smoker. You must remember that you would require approximately 4 cups of wood chips for each 5 hours of cooking. In order to make of use of these wood chips, you must first require soaking them in water for long time (even overnight). This is because, soaking would help to keep the chips burning for longer time and would help to promote the flavor. In order to load the wood chips into the electric smoker, you must simply put the soaked ones in the wood chip tray and that’s it. Your electric smoker will produce the smoke by heating up the loaded chips that were placed close to the heating element. The electric smoker reviews had revealed that some of the electric smoker of current times comes with the wood chip loader at the sides by which you can easily load the wood chips with much ease from time to time.

Turn Your Electric Smoker On

If your electric smoker contains a water receptacle, you must add water to it. You must plug in the electric smoker. Then, you will be required to adjust the temperature control. Some of the electric smoker models will have a dial so that you can turn the temperature limits up or down according to your requirement. If your smoker model has been provided with the remote control, you can very well make use of the remote to increase or decrease the temperature. Other smoker models would have set at a specific high point, for example, 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

You must note that you will have to wait for the electric smoker to reach the desired temperature level. With the electric smokers, you should not begin smoking of your food until the appropriate temperature has been reached. You have to put the meat into the smoker rack once it reached the desired temperature.

Setting the Timer

In addition to the temperature, you must recognize that the smoking of your meat would properly take at least few hours almost up to eight hours. Hence, you must set the timer in your electric smoker accordingly. If you want to achieve the perfect texture along with the smoky flavor, you must set aside a lot of time for the cooking process.

Monitoring the Internal Temperature

It is to be kept in mind that whenever you are working with your electric smoker, it is important to monitor its internal temperature. It may be required to adjust the controls on your device in order to maintain the appropriate temperature. Nowadays, most of the electric smokers accompany with an internal temperature probe. More ideally, the smoking temperature needs to be maintained between 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The meat probe will be helpful to gauge the doneness of your food. It is advisable not to cut the meat open in order to identify the doneness, since it would release too much of the juice from the meat. Also, all the times, the color of the smoked food would not indicate whether it is cooked or not. The meat probe would read the internal temperature of the meat and would act as a definitive means for determining whether the food is cooked.

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Like any other product, the efficient utilization of your electric smoker also would require to get a better understanding about the working and its usage. Once you get a good knowledge about it, you can start using for your cooking purposes in a slower pace. After trying out some dishes by yourself, you will become an expert of your own electric smoker like any other person.

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