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In the current electric world, there are millions of electric smoker products that are being introduced by dizzying number of companies every day. Upon considering the cooking equipment, the electric products have gained lots of popularity among the common people and hence, the manufacturing companies compete with each other to release the best electric smoker that will be able to beat the similar products released by their competitors. Likewise, there are significant numbers of good electric smokers available in the open market and selecting the best among those best products is the major task when you are about to purchase a new electric smoker to decorate your kitchens.

some of the top electric smokers

Why Electric Smokers?

You may be thinking on why you should purchase an electric smoker instead of other types of smokers which are powered by charcoal, gas or propane. You should purchase an electric smoker since these smokers are the one which are easy to use. You just need to plug in the smoker and set the temperatures and time and you can just see the food smoking. In addition to this, with the electric smoker you can be able to produce large amounts of smoke in an energy efficient way which is not possible with other types of smokers. With the fewer amounts of wood chips being utilized, you can generate a lot of smoke with an electric smoker.

Best Electric Smoker in 2017

Here is the comparison chart for you which would provide you with all the details of five products. This chart would be helpful for you in making a good purchase as this will give a comprehensive look at the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

Types of Electric Smokers

The electric smokers are classified into two major categories depending upon the design and structure of the smoker and almost all the electric smokers that are available in the current market fall in these two categories.

Vertical Water Electric Smokers: The vertical water electric smokers are the most popular types of electric smokers in the market. This is mainly due to the fact that these are the less expensive ones. A vertical water electric smoker will be small and hence, this type of smoker will not take much of the space in your kitchen. These smokers will be more ideal for the beginners. Several of the vertical water electric smokers will have only limited control for temperature. One of the most important disadvantages with this smoker is that almost all of the heat will be lost each and every time you lift the lid.

Electric Cabinet Smokers: The electric cabinet smokers are called by various other names like vault smokers, box smokers or block smokers. These types of electric smokers will be the appropriate when you are required to cook larger quantities of food as the insulated models can be able to produce large amount of smoke in a highly controllable environment. One disadvantage with this type of electric cabinet smoker is that better the model, more expensive will be the electric smoker.

Top 5 Electric Smokers

Following is a short description about the top five electric smokers that are available in the open market and they are based upon the electric smoker reviews. This will give you the basic idea about which electric smoker you can choose for your own kitchen.

1. Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

This smoker from Bradley Smoker is well-known for its durable design with the exterior construction being powder epoxy steel and the interior will be of stainless steel. This electric smoker comes with four removable racks with the rack supports. The structure of the original smoker comes with easy to use temperature controls which will enable you to come up with consistent, controlled smoke. The original smoker has its heat control being moved to Smoke Generator and hence, the switch will be preserved from moisture damage.

This original smoker will provide energy efficient cooking with 500 watts cooking element, 125 watts power element, 120 V power voltage, 5.5 amps and 50-60 Hz. With the vast temperature range from ambient temperature to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and 2288 inches of smoking space, you can use this smoker to cook larger quantities of food in a comfortable manner. Read our detailed reviews

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2. Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker

This smoker has been installed with all the features that the original smoker contains and it also contains additional features of digital technology which makes this 4 Rack Digital Smoker as an ideal model for outdoor cooking. Similar to the original smoker, the exterior of this smoker is epoxy steel and interior is polished stainless steel. This contains an automatic feed system for the purpose of feeding briquettes into it. The temperature range with this smoker is from ambient temperature to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

This smoker will provide you with energy efficient cooking with 500 watts cooking element, 125 watts smoking element, 110 V power voltage, 5.5 amps and 50-60 Hz. This smoker comes with a wide range of programmable features along with automatic turning on and off timers. This smoker also contains an automatic feed system for briquettes and with this smoker; you can be able to set the overall smoking time. Read our detailed reviews

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3. Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker

This is the 30-inch electric smoker with powder-coated steel exterior. The overall cooking space with this electric smoker is more than 730 square inches and is suitable for cooking large quantities of food at a time. Since the smoker is completely insulated, it will enable you to carry an energy efficient cooking. The cooking is made easier with this smoker as it contains push-button digitized control panel.

The temperature range is from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and it is easy to set the temperatures with thermostat controlled temperature controls. There is a 24-hour timer with automatic shut off. At the side, there is a wood chip loader for convenient loading. With the remote control option, the controlling and monitoring of temperature and time becomes very easy. There is a removable water pan which will allow you to add juices or vinegar for infusing moisture and for adding extra layer of flavor. Read our detailed reviews

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4. Brinkmann 810-7080-8 Gourmet Smoker and Grill

Brinkmann 810-7080-8 Gourmet Smoker and Grill is a UL-listed smoker which has its outer surface finished in red stove enamel. There are a couple of steel cooking grills which are chrome-plated and a porcelain-coated water pan in this smoker unit. Some of the notable features in this smoker model are its front hinged door, heavy-duty outdoor vinyl cover, 1500-watt heating element and the larger cooking space.

It is to be noted that converting this smoker into an electric grill is much easier by simply detaching the smoker’s removable base pan. Hence, this smoker model can be well-utilized for many purposes. Advantages with this product are its low cost, dual purpose, cool smoking, 1-year warranty, easy installation and usage. The major disadvantages that can be noted with this product are possibilities of ash getting built-up, absence of thermostat and ventilation system. Overall, this smoker can be considered as the best multi-purpose system of recent times. Read our detailed reviews

5. Masterbuilt 20070513 40-Inches Electric Smoker

The electric smoker is made from stainless steel which comes to you fully equipped with LED display. The overall cooking space is more than 900 square inches with four chrome coated racks. You can able to collect all the drippings with the help of drip deflector and drip pan which comes along with this electric smoker. With the radio frequency remote, you can able to control switching on and off and the inside temperatures of the smokehouse. This also enables you to control internal light, time and meat temperature.

In this smoker model, there is a provision for wood chip loading. Other striking features of this electric smoker are viewing window, internal light, locking door with inner liner, meat probe and full foam insulation. With the power of 1200 watts, this will enable an energy efficient cooking. There are wheels and rear handle for moving the electric smoker with ease. Read our detailed reviews

What is an Electric Smoker?

An electric smoker is an apparatus that has been constructed for cooking in a controlled and smoky environment for the purposes of food smoking. In simple terms, an electric smoker is a piece of cooking equipment which is used worldwide for the making of barbecue. The electric smokers will be powered by electricity. These electric smokers require wood to have added into a heated chamber in order to produce smoke.

In general, any piece of cooking equipment that can be able to hold the low temperatures for several hours and can be able to create smoker is called a smoker. The traditional smokers were burning wood in order to create both the heat as well as smoke for cooking your food. In current market, there are many kinds of smokers available that range from smaller electric units to larger smoker rigs.

How to Find the Best Electric Smoker

Finding the best electric smoker for your own kitchen is still a question mark. To make clear idea on that, here are some guidelines on how to choose the best one that will meet up your own needs.

Durability: When you are about to purchase an electric smoker, checking the electric smoker’s durability is more important. While checking for the smoker’s durability, it is always better to select the electric smokers with powder epoxy steel exterior or stainless steel exterior which will offer the electric smokers with maximum durability.

Remote Controlling: A remote controlled system in an electric smoker that you are selecting is a much needed one. When you have the electric smokers with remote controlled systems, you can be able to operate the smoker with much ease on your finger tips. By using the remote, you can easily control and monitor the temperature and time settings. In addition to switching on and off operations, with the remote you can monitor the time, internal light settings and even the meat’s temperature.

Ease in Cleaning: You should select the model which has its panel to be a removable one in order to clean the smoker easily without causing damage to panel. The smoke generator having a removable side panel can be cleaned and can be subjected to any sort of preventative maintenance more easily. However, you can also select the electric smokers which are coming with a removable drip pan. You can use this drip pan for collecting all the drippings and hence, you can clean the smoker very easily. Hence, it is always better to select the electric smokers with removable panels or removable drip pans in order to clean your smoker much easily.

Temperature Range: Checking of the temperature range in your electric smoker is also very important. You must very well select between the ranges of smokers which have their temperature range from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking red meats and fish. This temperature range is ideal for cooking meat and fish. For cooking of the poultries, this temperature range will not be much effective since they require up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For cooking poultry varieties, then you can go with electric smoker with the temperature of set up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Outdoor Cooking Purposes: When you want to use your electric smoker for outdoor cooking, then you are required to select the electric smoker that has been constructed primarily for outdoor cooking with the digital technology.

Weather Proof: The weather proof smoker models will be much useful if your area’s climatic conditions will not be stable. With the weather proof models, you can generate larger amounts of smoke irrespective of the room temperature. If the electric smoker is completely insulated, it can be able to keep all the heat and smoke generated inside it. Hence, they can provide an energy efficient cooking by decreasing the losses of heat and smoke. Also, try choosing the electric smoker model with locking door with inner liner which would be even more useful.

Smoker for Various Purposes: You should select the smokers with the minimum temperature of ambient for making use of the smoker other cooking purposes in addition to just smoking of food. If the minimum temperature of the electric smoker is ambient, it can also be used as a slow cooker or even as a slow roasting oven. These smokers will definitely decorate your kitchens as multi-purpose cooking equipment.

Other Special Features: In addition to the above tips, you must also look about the specific features of the electric smoker like internal light, viewing window, power elements and cooking space when you are about to purchase the electric smoker. You must look into every feature and should think whether this feature is really required for your kitchen. You should also think how you can make the best use of each of the feature. In order to select the perfect size, you must look in for the cooking space which will be helpful in determining whether it is the best suited one for your kitchen.

Ratings and Reviews: For selecting the appropriate electric smoker for meeting upon your needs, you can also make use of the customer ratings and customer reviews at for deciding upon the best model for your kitchen. Upon considering the above tips, descriptions, customer reviews and customer rating, you can be able to select the best choice at best possible offer. And, you can read the honest reviews of the site or you can get recommendations from friends and other people who used the product already.

Warranty and Customer Service: Finally, when you are selecting the electric smoker for your kitchen, you must look into the warranty specifications provided by the manufacturing company along with the safety of electric smoker. Look whether the company will give replacement warranty or servicing supports when you find problem with the electric smoker within the warranty period.


When you are thinking to purchase any cooking equipment like electric smoker, it is always good to decide the appropriate model for your kitchen after reading reliable electric smoker reviews and gathering knowledge about its structure, manufacturing company, features, pros and cons of the particular model. Upon knowing all these factors, you also have to know on how to use an electric smoker for which you can make use of the user manual and recipe book which will accompany with the electric smoker. By using them, you can be able to make best use of your electric smoker for good cooking.

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